Simply stating who the intended audience is for your message is insufficient. To ensure the success of your advertising efforts, it is recommended to consider the customer's buying process and the various stages it consists of. The See Think Do Care framework for businesses is a valuable resource for developing a digital marketing strategy. By utilizing STDC, you can identify the current demands of your customers and incorporate them into your marketing communications.

Avinash Kaushik, a Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, is the mastermind behind the STDC business framework. He introduced the idea of three purchasing stages, namely See Think Do, that occur in a specific sequence prior to the final transaction. 

Now let's examine the various stages of the STDC and how to engage customers at each stage. We will concentrate on employing effective marketing techniques and assessing the success of each stage through appropriate measurements.


The See stage focuses on reaching the largest possible audience who are not yet considering making a purchase. The main objective is to capture the customer's attention. For instance, Red Bull creators are skilled in building brand awareness through their long-standing video campaigns. However, this strategy may not be effective for companies with more complex buying processes compared to energy drinks. Conversely, platforms like eToro or National Geographic's social media can achieve visibility through video advertisements on YouTube. This demonstrates that even new brands or printed magazines can gain worldwide recognition if they communicate their message effectively.

It is crucial to showcase your product or service in a clear and particularly appealing manner to potential customers who may not be familiar with your brand. This can be done through various channels such as your company's website, social media platforms, a concise video, or a captivating article on your website.


In the second phase, there is a decrease in the number of customers. However, during the Think phase, customers are closer to making a purchasing decision. They evaluate all possible options and actively seek information, which leads to two important conclusions. It is crucial for us to be the knowledgeable experts who provide them with the necessary information they require.

A common illustration is an online store selling mobile phones. In practice, it is advantageous to provide extensive details about the product, such as the iPhone SE. What strategies do the most renowned online shops employ to achieve success? On the product pages, they allow customers to compare the item with similar alternatives. Additionally, if they sell an iPhone SE, they will compose a review on their own blog or upload it to their YouTube channel. Consequently, when a potential customer seeks information about the product, they are more likely to make a purchase from the online store that created the review. Moreover, in order to reach a wider audience, they optimize their blog according to SEO principles.


When a customer reaches the decision-making phase, your goal is to convince them to choose your product or service. PPC campaigns can be very effective in this stage. It is important to emphasize the number of orders and relevant statistics to attract the customer's attention and encourage them to make a purchase.

Online stores that sell the iPhone SE use various methods to attract customers such as offering discounts, promotions, and free shipping through their website, PPC advertisements, SEO descriptions, and e-mail campaigns. They aim to surpass competitors by providing superior services. It is recommended for all companies to adopt a similar approach by effectively communicating the reasons why customers should purchase their product immediately and encouraging them to take action.


The Care stage pertains to customers who have placed two or more orders. It is crucial to prioritize the needs of these customers as they are loyal and contribute to ongoing profit. One effective way to engage with them is by writing blog articles specifically tailored to users of your product. Consistently posting on social media and regularly sending professional emails are also recommended strategies.

Customer service is highly valued by loyal customers as it distinguishes Amazon from other sellers. Although smaller companies cannot rival Amazon, it can be beneficial in the future to sincerely address customer feedback and patiently respond to their inquiries.

Take into account if you give sufficient attention to your current customers and if you are unnecessarily spending money on certain PPC campaigns. If this is the case, try to design your online marketing strategy based on the principles of See Think Do Care.

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